Beef in lemon sauce served with pilaf





(4 people)

1 ½ pound beef rump portions or (even better) scallop shoulder sliced
2-3 cloves garlic slices
½ cup wine
Juice of one lemon
2 tsp fresh butter
½ cup olive oil

salt -pepper


½ pound like «Carolina rice» washed in colander
5 cups boiling water
1 cube of meat or vegetable broth
½ cup olive oil
Little lemon peel


Wash and wipe the meat WELL. Mix the garlic cloves in butter and then put them into the meat, carving it with a sharp knife. Put the pot to «burn»* and then pour the oil and meat to get some color. NO to fry much .  Cover the meat with boiling water and simmer for about 40 minutes or until soft enough. THEN add salt, pepper, wine and lemon. Continue to cook until the meat is tender and completely stay with the broth. Thicken  the sauce with a little flour, you have dissolved in a little cold water.


In a wide, shallow pot, after burn, add the oil and when hot enough, over medium heat, add the rice well drained, stirring with a wooden spoon. When the rice lost its sheen and starts to get a little color (not burnt)  add the water slowly. Better remove from the heat for as long as adding the water.  Pour the lemon peel  and season the rice.  When it has absorbed all the water will logically be boiled. However it might take a little longer. In this case add some boiling water and continue cooking .  Cover the rice with a clean towel and the lid to absorb water vapor and not melted. It is much better than the yellow, tasteless, rice pilaf.

*to burn a pot, leave EMPTY on the heat for 2-3 minutes, so when a little water added forms «bubbles», so as  the ingredients not to stick on the pot bottom




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